Our Staff

• See what some of residents are saying about Meadows Manor East

“Being a resident of a locally owned facility has great advantages for those who reside at Meadows Manor East. The Company President, Board, and staff genuinely care about the quality of care the residents receive. In the many years I have worked here, I have never had any request submitted to the President and Board for one of our residents refused ~ whether it be a specialty bed, wound care, briefs, even down to an anniversary dinner for a resident and her husband. The quality of care comes first.

They also care about their staff, and this makes for low turnover, which makes our continuity of care one of the best. Some staff members have been here over thirty years. I have even had staff members go out to a local restaurant and purchase food when a resident requested it. ‘Anything for the resident’ is their frame of mind. To some, we become their family, as they are loved like our own families. At the end of the day, it all comes down to ‘the resident comes first’.”

Joyce Hayne, Administrator
“For the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of working here at Meadows Manor East. I am the Social Service and Activity Director, an achievement supported by Meadows Manor East and our parent company, Sunset Harbor.

I’ve always looked forward to coming to work. The residents and staff are part of my ‘family’. I have worked for a large corporation in the past and have decided I would work for Sunset Harbor over a large corporation any day. I’m treated as an individual employee, not just an employee number.
Here at Meadows Manor East, our Administrator has an open-door policy for our residents, family, and staff. Joyce knows each one of our residents and staff members. That in itself speaks volumes.”

Pam Clevenger, SSD/ADC
“I have been employed with Meadows Manor East for 7_ years. There is always an open-door policy for both residents and staff. I started as a CNA and am now working as a Restorative Aide.
I have been a CNA for 40 years and I really enjoy what I do. All of the residents are like family to me.”

Kathy Couch, Restorative CNA
“I have been an employee for 29 years. I started at Meadows Manor North (our sister facility) as a housekeeper and worked there for 10 years until I transferred to Meadows Manor East as Housekeeping Supervisor. I have enjoyed working at both facilities and for our parent company, Sunset Harbor.Being locally owned, they are very caring. I have the utmost respect for the company and our Administrator.”

Diana Cottrell, Housekeeping Supervisor
“I have been employed with Meadows Manor East for 18 years. I began as a Charge Nurse of the unit then worked my way up to Care Plan Coordinator and then finally MDS Coordinator.
I enjoy working for a Company that values you as a person, not just an employee or number.”

Debbie Brown, LPN/MDS Coordinator

“Why work in Long Term Care? Because I love taking care of the elderly folks. What a privilege to see their smiling faces when you do the least little thing for them. I just started working at Meadows Manor East in 1983 ~ I worked the 3 – 11 shift part-time. I loved coming to work here. The residents and staff were great to work with. Later, I came to the 7 – 3 shift full-time as In-service Director and Infection Control Nurse. I quit Meadows Manor East twice for other employment, but always came back and each time I realized I was back home.

Last fall, October 14, 2006, I became a Certified Wound Specialist thru the American Academy of Wound Management. I enjoy my work and as I see residents improving it gives me great satisfaction at the end of the day to know I have made a difference in the lives of these dear souls.”

Linda Crosby, LPN/Treatment Nurse, CWS

A Few of Our Residents
“The staff is always very nice, no matter what kind of day they are having. Our rooms are clean. The food is very good. I enjoy the variety of activities. I have made a lot of friends here at Meadows Manor East.”

Barbara Morris, Resident since December 2006

“Both my parents are residents of Meadows Manor East. My mother has lived here for 3_ years. My father has lived here for 2 years. As I am their only daughter and their Power of Attorney, I feel very comfortable with knowing they are living in a very safe home.

If I have any concerns or questions all employees, from the kitchen staff through to the front office, are always willing to do their best to help ease my concerns.
I can’t think of any other place I’d want my parents, John and Edna Doades, to spend the rest of their lives than here at Meadows Manor East.”

Beverly J. Hettich, Daughter to Residents
“When I have a problem, I usually go to the Social Service Director or the Administrator. My problems or concerns are resolved within a very short time. I also like the activity program. I can be busy or I can rest at my leisure.”

Godfrey Isaacs, 2nd Time Resident
“I am pleased with the staff and the activity programs that my wife, Mildred, participates in at Meadows Manor East. All staff members are very thoughtful and helpful to family as well as residents.The most important thing is the care my wife Mildred receives ~ it is the best!”

Harry Scamihorn, Spouse of Resident
“I like the food and activities that are offered. The staff treats me as an individual. I enjoy joking around with all the staff. I’m currently trying to talk the Administrator into getting me a golf cart ~ I want to check on the neighborhood.”

David Richard